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公告時間:2023-08-01 18:52:30

2023/8/7【邀請演講】Accounting for children and young people’s time in economic evaluation: views, debates and frequently asked questions|Lazaros Andronis, Ph.D.

◆ CV:https://warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci/med/staff/landronis
◆ Abstract:
In economic evaluations carried out from a societal perspective, it is important that the opportunity cost of people’s time—for example displaced time spent receiving care—is accounted for, especially when this is likely to differ between interventions. This has led to a maturing body of literature on how account for displaced (work or leisure) time, yet recommendations have focused—almost exclusively—on working age adults. While children and young people’s (CYP) time also has an opportunity cost, there are few insights on how to measure, value and include this in societal-perspective economic evaluations. To move the topic forwards, we need to gather and understand views held by health economists, identify obstacles and challenges and debate possible solutions.
During this talk, will cast a critical eye on the topic by bringing together recent research and existing literature. I'll draw on a recently completed international survey that elicited views, practices, perceived obstacles and uncertainties in relation to CYP’s time in economic evaluation; an ongoing international Delphi (consensus-building exercise) on the topic and seminal literature in economics and health economics. Based on these, I'll discuss views and persistent gaps in our methodological playbook, pinpoint challenges in filling those gaps, debate proposed solutions and offer my views (and possible answers) to key normative questions in this area.